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"Riding On A Train Through The Foggy Night"
The fog is so dense, he can’t see past his noseAnd he wonders when he’s old… will he regret what he chose?With nothing to look at, and his phone’s battery deadHe finds there’s simply nothing to do but get trapped in one’s head.
His mind wanders aimlessly, as the train rumbles through the nightTripping over memories he worked to keep out of sightAnd as he’s reminded of thoughts he normally would try to ignore,The banality of his existence makes him feel like a bore.
His hopes and his fears; he knows they’re nothing newBut they’re the only ones he has, so what can ya do?
Sitting in the dark, his head against the cool window’s glassHe tries to remember it’s all temporary, and lets the fog pass.
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Vikram Kushwah


Bowie and Cher

Pierre Cardin, sunglasses, 1970s. France.

Is this a still from a lost episode of The Twilight Zone? Nope, it’s a photo of waiters wearing amazing masks in the kitchen of a restaurant in Munich, Germany during Mardi Gras in 1933.
That they have such a long, strange history is one more reason we love our awesome selection of animal masks. The creepy characters in this photo feel like our ancestors. (Although that impressively freaky fellow second from the left looks like he might actually be a Rage Comic grandpa.)
Photo from the Nationaal Archief
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Kent Walmer, Summer school students of Miss Margaret Morris rehearse on the beach, 21 Aug 1934 on Flickr.

Click image for 619 x 480 size.
England, UK —- —- Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS



Ghost rolled in some sidewalk chalk.

This always makes me really happy.

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Paul Wright

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